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Naturally "Aged" Raw (Qing) Pu'er in a 100g "Beeng Cha" cake...
Raw (Qing) Pu'er 100g Beeng Cha
Raw (Qing) Pu'er 100g Beeng Cha
Raw (Qing) Pu'er 100g Beeng Cha...
Select Yunnan large leaf cultivar material is sun dried only then naturally aged to reach a "silky" mouth feel and delightful aroma & flavor. This selection is supplied "Pressed" into a 100g "Beeng Cha" or "Cake" which is an perfect for for the tea to continue its aging. This small sized Beeng Cha is less that 1/3 the size of a traditional 357g pressed cake, so it is a perfect size enjoy without committing to a larger cake at a higher cost. If you enjoy Qing Pu'er this is a quality selection. if you are new to Qing Pu'er, this is your chance to make your life nicer...